Caring For Your Shoes

Your handcrafted shoes have been manufactured through a combination of design, quality materials and craftsmanship developed in over 130 years of shoe making. They have been created using high grade leathers which anyone would want to maintain.

Bedding In

The first thing that we always say is that the shoes we sell are made to be as comfortable as possible. However due to the durable nature of the shoes construction, we recommend that any new pair of shoes be worn for short periods of time in the beginning. This is to allow for bedding-in and to avoid any discomfort before the shoes adapt to your feet.

New leather soles can become slippery in the wet before they are bedded in and for this reason we recommend in good faith that the first few wears are in dry conditions.


We deeply encourage polishing your shoes to ensure that they are always in pristine condition. This process not only cleans your shoe, but it also adds a layer of suppleness |& protection against the elements as well as preventing scratches and unwanted marks, enhancing their good looks.

The only circumstances in which we do not recommend polishing your shoes, would be in cases of Hi-Shine and Patent finished shoes. In which case we would advise using a damp clothing for cleaning.

For suede leathers remove any dirt when dry and brush up the nap using a suede brush.


We recommend that your shoes be wiped clean before applying a good quality shoe cream or layer of wax polish with a suitable applicator brush. Once this layer has been allowed to dry hard, remove excess polish with a soft brush before buffing to a rich patina.

 Wet Conditions

If your shoes become very wet they should be allowed to dry out fully for a few days away from any source of direct heat, such as fires, radiators or hot pipes. If leather is dried too quickly it can burn or become brittle which will greatly accelerate its wear.

Dry Conditions

Dry shoes should ideally be kept on shoe trees. This will ensure that the shoes maintain their look and shape. At The Shoe Healer we advise the use of unfinished aromatic cedar trees as they absorb any residual moisture whilst also imparting a pleasant aroma. Guaranteeing your shoes a flawless condition which never deteriorates.

Day to Day Maintenance

Always use a shoe horn when putting on the shoes to maintain the back shape.

We advise that you should not wear your shoes on successive days as the fine leathers used in their manufacture need 24 hours to dry out from natural perspiration.

We strongly recommend against the use of rubber additions to the soles or heels of your shoes as this will affect the comfort and balance of your shoes. It can also put excessive stress on the shoes which can in turn lead to premature wear.


We at The Shoe Healer are proud to offer a full cobbler service for all of the products we sell. We also extend our services to shoes purchased elsewhere. We can heal any repairable shoe back to its original glory.


We also offer many different products which are designed to help you care for your shoes. Our range of Shoe Care goods provide the assurance that your shoes retain their novelty and pride.

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