Arthur III

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Part of Cheaney's 125th Anniversary Collection, the Arthur III Oxford shoe is the perfect brogue shoe to add detail to any outfit. Fully hand crafted in Cheaney's Northamptonshire factory in England. Available in a variety of colours, including black calf leather, dark leaf leather, mocha calf leather and plough suede. The black calf and dark leaf options are also available in the slightly wider G fitting. For a more robust option it is also available in the dainite sole in the black and dark leaf calf leathers (see Arthur III D). A brilliant shoe available in a diverse range of colours, soles and fittings to ensure this staple brogue shoe can be tailored no matter what your style. 

**Both the Black Calf and Burnsihed Dark Leaf Calf also available with rubber sole in the F fitting, please state preference at checkout.**