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Lasts & Sizing

All Shoes and Boots are made on a 'Last'

The 'Last' is what the closed 'Upper' of a shoe is formed over and therefore dictates the size, shape and fitting. I have found many times among various models by different manufacturers that the 'Last' that a shoe is made on is often more relevant to how well it fits, than the size and fitting stated for that particular model.

Example 1

I personally have in my own collection two different models made by Loake.One is a regular 'F' fitting, the other a wide 'G' fitting. In theory, either the F fitting should be too narrow, or the G fitting too wide. In practise, both shoes fit very well. Proof that with any amount of information comparing different models made on different Last's, that the only way to see how well a shoe fits is to try them on for size.

Working with clients in our shops and seeing hundreds of models tried on and purchased gives me a reasonable idea of the size and fittings of the brands we work with to include Loake, Crockett and Jones, Tricker's, Alfred Sargent and Cheaney.

I believe in total honesty with all of my clients and therefore cannot give an accurate and honest size comparison between brands we work with, and others we don't. I am always happy to try to make size comparisons between brands I am personally familiar with. Supplying foot measurements can help but offers no guarantee. There is an approximate measured difference in a Half size of only 4mm in length, and less than that in width. Whilst 4mm on a Rule may not look much, it can feel quite considerable in a shoe when tried on. Only 4mm can be the difference between a shoe feeling much too large, or much too small. It is very important that foot measurements if supplied, are very accurate.


Perhaps because of the infinite amount of different models and different styles by different manufacturers, there has to be a 'Considered Average'. This considered average is the guide by which most people, including retailers work.

  • By Loake, a 'F' would be a 'regular' or 'average' fitting
  • in Crockett and Jones, a 'E' would be a regular fitting
  • In Tricker's, a '5' would be a regular fitting, and '6' would be a wide fitting
  • By Alfred Sargent, 'F' would be average
  • and by Cheaney, their 'average' fitting too would be an 'F'


All information we provide is given in good faith and is intended to be used purely as a guide. In reality we can offer no guarantee of fitting unless working with clients one to one in our shops. We will always though offer totally honest and unbiased advice.

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